Although there are many definitions of Marketing I don’t trust in them.

Because every day the Marketing is progressing and is not always have the same definitions.

And also the Marketing strategies change everyday not always have the same.

And every century have a different strategy.

Today´s the Marketing of each company seeks new ways to sell. Not only the ways to sell but also  the way to make you a big fan for them .

To make sure that you are going to buy from their products not for anther company .

And for that they need many points and strategy the most important are:

1-The design of each product

2-The service is offered with each product.

3-The location of the store he must be close to the people (malls of example) and also the design of the store is so important because he have to be modern to leave a good image for the commercial .

4-The way to sell the product , how the seller explains about his product and how he try to make his product the best in the market . And the use of the smile to make the commercial take a good picture of the seller and the company.

5-The activities which make the company and the offers giving to the consumers and the way to make the ads.

*finally all of this was about my opinion no more no less everyone have his iedas and his ways  and his definition of Marketing *

Bassam Hanna. Student Marketing


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