Vicerrectora de Alumnado en presentación
Vicerrectora de Alumnado en presentación




From Sunday April 17th until Friday April 22th 2016, the Dukenet Markstrat competition was held at CEU UCH in Valencia, Spain. With this competition, students from all over Europe came together to develop marketing strategies.

More than 100 students from the Netherlands (Avans University), Belgium (Howest University), Italy (University of Trento), Germany (Kassel University), France (UBO Quimper), Romania (Bucarest University), Poland (Katowice University of Economics), and Spain (Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera) were divided into smaller groups that led to the creation of an international work environment.

In the beginning of the Dukenet Markstrat competition, the students attended lectures on Research & Development and Loan applications to gain more information on the process of developing marketing strategies.

After this, it was time to start the simulation game. The students played a total of 13 rounds and handed in two reports with strict deadlines before giving the final group presentation about their strategies.

The entire week, students worked at the CEU Cardenal Herrera University and to pay off their hard work, a city tour was organized. A trip was made to, for example, the Old city center and the Port of Valencia. Moreover, an international dinner was held at the hostel of the students, whereby the members of each country represented their national food. This resulted in a great international atmosphere.

Overall, the students did not only gain knowledge about their quality of analysis, mastering marketing concepts & tools, the consistency of their strategy, it also led to a great learning experience on project & team management and coping with deadlines and stress.

Written by Dewi Bosman

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