What does Erasmus+ mean to an American international student?


Erasmus+ isn’t something you hear about in the United States. So what exactly does Erasmus+ mean to an American student living abroad?

As an American I had never heard of Erasmus+ until I decided to study abroad and I still wasn’t too clear about it. Now that I’ve done some research and met many international students I know that Erasmus+ is a European program to support education, youth, training, and sports. It began in 1987 and has just celebrated its 30th anniversary. With a budget of 14.7 billion euros, Erasmus+ allows over 4 million Europeans to study, gain experience, train, and volunteer abroad. This program is not only available for students, instead it provides opportunities for a wide variety of organizations such as universities, research organizations, private businesses, etc.

Erasmus+ provides great opportunities for individuals of all ages. The programs help individuals share and gain knowledge and experience in different institutions or organizations located in different countries all around the world. These opportunities are given through: study/teach abroad programs, youth exchanges, volunteering programs, as well as trainee-ships (internships and work placement).

There are tons of benefits when taking part in one of Erasmus’ programs. For example:

• Opportunity to travel around the world
• Receive academic credits
• Network internationally
• Learn new languages
• Create new friendships
• Open doors to new job opportunities
• Gain transferable employment skills and more!

Now, how exactly does the Erasmus+ scheme work? So, to get started you’d need to think about what you would like to do and where you would like to live and discover. Afterwards you can contact the Mobility Office at the University so they can help set you up with the correct program and inform you on how to apply. Higher education students may even be eligible to receive an Erasmus+ grant. Erasmus+ definitely sounds like something worth looking into! I love how popular it is in Europe. Whether its teaching, studying or working abroad, I think it’s important for everyone to experience living somewhere other than home.


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