Welcoming our 15 new international interns — we look forward to working with you!



This academic year we are happy to receive 15 new international students in part-time assistantships. These students will be working closely with different sections of University CEU Cardenal Herrera — with faculties, services, and Vice Rectorates — with tasks ranging from student interaction and the promotion of Campus Life activities to supporting the University’s social media presence on different platforms, to mention just a few.

Vice Rector for International Relations Iñaki Bilbao welcoming the new international interns.

On 20th of October the new international interns for the academic year 2016-17 were welcomed and given an introductory talk by Vice Rector for International Relations Iñaki Bilbao, Vice Rector for Students and University Life María José González, and Head of International Relations Alfonso Díaz. The students were told about their duties and responsibilities and assigned to their respective positions in different sections of the University. Their assistantships will be officially starting on the 1st of November, and they will be working with us until the end of the spring semester.

Launched a couple of years ago, the purpose of the international assistantship programme is to strengthen the integration and sense of belonging of our students and to motivate them to engage in different activities at the campus. Through interacting with students, sharing their own experiences in social media, and promoting the university activities, our international interns form an essential link in the communication between both prospective and admitted students and the University.

This year our international interns come from seven countries all over the world — France, Argentina, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Ecuador, and Marocco — and they study in our international degree programmes of Architecture, Pharmacy, Dentistry, and Veterinary Medicine, to name a few.

Mukuka Chikoti came from Zambia to study Architecture at CEU UCH.

Read more about the experiences of Gabrielle and Kenza who participated in the programme last year!

Linh Ta Phuong comes from Vietnam and studies Pharmacy at CEU UCH.

The new student admission for CEU UCH starts on the 2nd of November 2016, and the application process for international assistantships will begin later on during the spring semester. If you are interested in this exceptional chance of working while studying for a small monthly remuneration, read more about our international assistantships, the requirements for candidates, and the instructions for applying in the programme.

And be sure to keep a close eye on our social media channels where our interns will be sharing their experiences and more information on the programme and the application process will be published!


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