Webinars, a new tool for CEU Cardenal Herrera University applicants


Looking for options for your future professional life? CEU Cardenal Herrera University might be the perfect match for you: a new destination for students with an international scope, full of training opportunities and state-of-the-art infrastructures, in a land where creativity and passion are at the core of our lifestyle. 

A new option for those want to go beyond, just like us.




If you are decided to take a step further and apply for one of the international degrees our university offers, we want to make it very easy for you to access the basic information. This year, CEU Cardenal Herrera University has designed a complete calendar of free webinars aimed at providing international prospective students with all the information and support required for a successful admission process: a guided process with first-hand information that starts right here!




What is a webinar?

Webinars are free, online seminars presented by CEU-UCH staff to address emerging questions regarding our International Academic Programs, the Admission Process or the Hospitality Package. In each of these sessions,  you will be introduced to a member of our International Relations Team, who will walk you through the options for each degree including how to apply, what documentation to upload, whom to address in case of doubts, etc.


What kind of information can I expect from a webinar?

Among others, through our webinars you will get detailed information on the following questions:


-What can CEU Cardenal Herrera University do for me?

-Which are the steps to follow in the Admission Process?

-Academic documentation and legal procedures for non-EU students

-Transfer without any hassle

-Struggling with Spanish? Questions about languages at CEU-UCH

-Internships, training and mobility programs

-Financial Aid for international students

-Points of contact: Who do I contact for x, y and z at CEU Cardenal Herrera University?


Start getting involved now with the infographics that you will find in our Pinterest account!


How can I participate in a webinar?

Taking part in one of our webinars is as easy as having an internet connection! You just need to choose the webinars you wish to attend and keep an eye on our website and Admissions Facebook groups, where we will be providing you the direct links to the webinars. Please pay attention to the day and starting hour and be sure that you can access the platform! If you need more information on how to access the webinar, we have prepared for you an easy user guide for you that you can download here.

Once in the webinar, feel free to ask all the questions that may arise…the more you ask, the more useful information you will get!


When will the next webinars take place?

CEU Cardenal Herrera University will offer a wide range of live information sessions throughout this year. Find here the updated list of future webinars, as well as the degree they will refer to and the language they will be carried out in:


29/01/2015: Médecine Vétérinaire – programme et processus d’admission (French language)

>> Watch it again here!

04/02/2015: Veterinary Medicine – program and admission process (English language)

>> Watch it again here!

10/02/2015: Architecture – program and admission process (English language)

>> Watch it again here!

10/02/2015Dentistry – program and admission process (English language)

>> Watch it again here!

12/02/2015: Gastronomy and Culinary Management – program and admission process (English language)

>> Watch it again here!

17/02/2015: Energy Engineering – program and admission process (English language)

>> Watch it again here!

19/02/2015: Pharmacy – program and admission process (English language)

>> Watch it again here!

23/02/2015: Nursing – program and admission process (English language)

25/02/2015: Digital Communication – program and admission process (English language)

>> Watch it again here!


Example of Webinar that took place in November 2014


Where can I obtain more information on upcoming webinars?

Keep an eye on our international websites, where you will find detailed information on the next webinars that will take place as the date gets closer. To be notified of newly announced information regarding our webinars in the future, please proceed to our International Admissions Facebook groups in English and French.


At CEU Cardenal Herrera University we believe that it is time to be different. If you think that you too are unique, why not study in a different place? Discover our academic offer and bet on your future in one of the top private universities in Spain, located on the shores of the Mediterranean.

CEU Cardenal Herrera University: a new destination to study abroad.



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