“We want our students to become world citizens”


The second International Staff Week was hosted by the University CEU Cardenal Herrera

“We want our students to become world citizens” – university representatives from Belgium, Lithuania, Greece, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Italy and Spain have gathered in Valencia in order to achieve a common goal: encouraging the international exchange between universities from all over Europe. The University CEU Cardenal Herrera hosted the second International Staff Week 2015 with the aim of spending five days of exploring ways to collaborate in the sense of “Good practices in European projects”. The participants all share the motivation of providing opportunities for their international students to study, train and gain work experience – in their home countries and abroad.

With around 15% of international students from Europe, Asia and the United States, bilingual international degrees, ERASMUS students and various exchange programs, the University CEU Cardenal Herrera is certainly an institution for which internationalization is an important topic. “We hope that our CEU-representatives can exchange experiences regarding international projects with the participants of the International Staff Week.” – the organizers of the iWeek focused on learning from each other and on discussing and developing new projects and ideas in the international context.


The participants, who had applied for being able to take part in the iWeek, were welcomed by the Hon. Mrs. Rosa Visiedo Claverol, the Rector of the University CEU Cardenal Herrera as well as the Vice-Rector D. Inaki Bilbao Estrada and the organizers of the event, Inmaculada Lázaro Asensio y Elena Alcaide González, members of the International Relations Service.

The international university representatives received a first impression of the university – first by a virtual presentation and afterwards by a tour around the campus. In exchange, they introduced themselves and the universities they work at with short presentations. The “Erasmus Hogeschool” in Brussels, the “Cespu”-University in Porto or the “Vilnius University” in Lithuania were some of the participating institutions. “As the University CEU Cardenal Herrera is a very international institution, we have been cooperating and sending our students to Valencia. Our students appreciate above all the high standards and quality of the equipment and facilities the faculties offer here”, Ellen Thielemans and Ilse Godts (Erasmus Hogeschool in Brussels). Although their university is already a “true melting pot where different nationalities, ideas and ways of life connect”, they intent to improve their international projects and cooperations with institutions from other parts of the world.



During a coffee break, the participants were given the opportunity to talk to the Rector of University CEU Cardenal Herrera, Mrs. Rosa Visiedo Claverol, who stated the importance of events such as the iWeek in order to improve the international relationships so that the students can benefit from a university career of high quality with the best possibilities to widen their horizons.

In a guided tour around Valencia’s city center, the participants got to know the most important places and buildings in the heart of the city – some insider tips from their Spanish colleagues included.
Having exchanged their experiences and ideas, the iWeek-participants returned home after a week full of interesting discussions, talks and presentations which again proved the success of this event and the importance of internationalization. “Being international widens chances and opportunities for our students.”



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