Valencia City Council welcomes international students from CEU-UCH


The Councilor for Education, Emilio del Toro, welcomed more than 50 students from both CEU-UCH´s bilingual degree courses and from the Erasmus programme


A total of 53 international students that are enrolled on CEU-UCH´s bilingual degrees in Dentistry, Médecine Vétérinaire, Medicine and Physiotherapy in French or from the Erasmus Programme that have chosen CEU-UCH as their destination, attended the reception hosted by Valencia City Council on the 11th October. The Councillor for Education and Universities, Emilio Del Toro, chaired this event where he welcomed the students to the city of Valencia.

Accompanied by CEU-UCH´s Vicerector of Research and International Relations, Iñaki Bilbao, and by the Vicerector of Students, María José González, the international students who study at CEU-UCH were received in the Salón de Cristal [Crystal Hall] at Valencia City Hall. Representatives from CEU-UCH´s International Relations Office and the Vicerector of Students, who is in charge of managing and facilitating the students´ time at the university, also attended the event.

More international students

Some 10% of the students at CEU-UCH, now more than 600, come from foreign countries, a figure that rises to 800 if we include the students who chose CEU-UCH as their Erasmus destination each year. In two academic years the number of students from outside Spain enrolled on an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Cardenal Herrera has doubled.

Regarding the international exchange programmes, a total of 160 international students from 17 European and 5 Latin-American countries will study at CEU-UCH this year. They will do so through the Erasmus Programme and other international exchange programmes such as Ciencia Sin Fronteras [Science without Frontiers] for Brazilian students and thanks to bilateral agreements with universities in Latin-America established by CEU-UCH. The majority of these students will spend their first semester in our classrooms and 50 of them will extend their stay to cover the entire academic year.



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