Using the Valencia filter in Valencia: top 10 Instagram spots in the city for 2018


A popular song says that Valencia is a land of flowers, light and love…. It is precisely the sunlight that floods into every corner of our city one of the things that attracts most attention, even from the most selective tourists. So if you are thinking about visiting (or studying) in Valencia and you like taking pictures, we have good news for you. With over 300 sunny days a year, Valencia is the PERFECT place to take PERFECT pictures! Add to the equation fabulous buildings, street art, fashionable neighborhoods and a wonderful outdoor life… and you will no longer have excuse to have a dull Instagram newsfeed.

Maybe that is why we are one of the few cities in the world with its own Instagram filter (ok, it might be a coincidence, but it sounds cool anyway…).

Best Instagram Spots in Valencia
With its beautiful city centre and futuristic buildings, Valencia is an Instagram dream

So, if you are an IG freak (just like us here!) and you want to add some Mediterranean glamour to your timeline, here you have our Top 10 best Instagram Photo Spots in Valencia.

Time to grab those mobile phones and start snapping the city!

01 – City of Arts and Sciences

Possibly one of the most instagrammed places in the city,  this huge cultural complex is already a symbol of contemporary Valencia. It is an ideal place to walk around on a Saturday afternoon, so do not miss the opportunity to photograph all the details of its futuristic facilities: the blue sky and the surrounding artificial lakes frame the white buildings perfectly!

The Umbracle in Valencia
The City of Arts and Sciences, one of the most touristic places in Valencia

Location on Google Maps
Cost: Free (info on the prices for each of the buildings can be found here)
Extra tip: In June, the City of Arts and Sciences hosts a massive music festival called Festival de les Arts, a must for any creative mind in Valencia.

02 – Central Market

If you have not visited the Central Market yet, we do not know what you are waiting for. This huge modernist building hides in its interior a world of colors and aromas, with more than 300 stalls of fresh products… a paradise for foodies and photo lovers!

Traditional Tiles on the Central Market
Details in the Central Market

Location on Google Maps
Cost: Free
Extra tip: If you have a sweet tooth, take a break during your visit and taste our traditional horchata, a delicious and refreshing beverage made of tiger nuts.

03 – Street Art in El Carmen neighbourhood

The historical centre of Valencia hides hundreds of streets and perfect perspectives for your photos. In them you will discover, in addition to hundreds of bars and bohemian restaurants, a lot of art painted on the walls. We invite you to get lost in this neighborhood in search of the most authentic #StreetArt. We can assure you there are photos around every corner!

View of the centre of Valencia

Location on Google Maps
Cost: Free

04 – Old riverbed of the Turia

It is a river, but it does not have any water. This park is 9  kilometers in length and one of the most loved places by locals, who “go down to the river” for a walk, to play sports or just to have a picnic. Each section of this river-without-water is different, and there is always something going on in it!

Greenery and history in the heart of the city
Greenery and history in the heart of the city

Location on Google Maps
Cost: Free

05 – The Silk Exchange

If we had to choose the most representative building in Valencia, it would be without a doubt the Silk Exchange. Strolling through its main hall and enjoying its garden is a unique experience that will take you back to the 15th century. No wonder this building is a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

The Silk Exchange in Valencia

Location on Google Maps
Cost: 2€ (free on Sundays)
Extra tip: Look carefully at some of the gargoyles on the facade, some of them are really grotesque!

06 – Gardens of Monforte

Possibly not the best known garden in Valencia, but undoubtedly one of the most romantic corners around the city. Although this small park is a bit off the beaten track, it is worth walking through its labyrinth and enjoying its sculptures and fountains… A perfect place if you want to add some green & flowers to your feed!

View of the Garden of Monforte in Valencia

Location on Google Maps
Cost: Free
Extra tip: We love capturing the atmosphere around spring, when the bougainvilleas bloom and invade the walls of the garden.

07 – Church of San Nicolás

Definitely one of our Instagram favourites. If we tell you the nickname given to this church of the 18th century, you will understand why we include it on this list: the Sistine Chapel of Valencia. One of the best kept secrets in the city centre, you will have to go through a hidden, narrow corridor to enter the building: Once inside, we can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Details from the church

Location on Google Maps
Cost: 6€

08 – Port of Valencia

Valencia could not exist without the Mediterranean Sea. In recent years, the port of has been transformed into a lively area and is currently full of leisure facilities, restaurants, and of course the beach.

The Port of Valencia
The Port of Valencia, where the city meets the sea

Location on Google Maps
Cost: Free
Extra tip: Do not miss the Veles e Vents building, an authentic symbol of avant-garde architecture, designed by star architect David Chipperfield.

09 – Ceramics Museum

This picturesque palace in the centre of Valencia draws attention from the outside for its magnificent and elegant façade. When you walk inside, you will also discover baroque rooms and a magnificent collection of ceramic art.

National Museum of Ceramics

Location on Google Maps
Cost: 3€ (free on Sundays)
Extra tip: Take a step inside the ballroom for some stunning pics!

10 – Albufera

This natural lake on the outskirts of Valencia is one of the largest in the country. A protected ecological area because of its diversity of flora and fauna, and also a top IG location.

The Albufera Natural Park in Valencia

Location on Google Maps
Cost: Free
Extra tip: Try to approach the Albufera at dusk for your best shots, what more could you ask for?

Do you know of any other great photo and Instagram locations in Valencia? Leave us a comment below and share your tips with us!

And, if you would like to get to know more beautiful spots in the city, remember that you can access the Campus life Platform from your student intranet. Not only you will find a city guide and a calendar of events to come, but you will also be able to create your own plans and share them with the rest of students!


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