Two journalism students from CEU-UCH will do work experience at diplomatic headquarters in New York and Santo Domingo


Aránzazu Sanchis and Francisco Núñez have been selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation in a competition open to university students from all over Spain


The UN’s Permanent Mission in New York and the Spanish Embassy in Santo Domingo will soon have two journalism students from CEU Cardenal Herrera University for work experience. Aránzazu Sanchis and Francisco Núñez Tamarit have been selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation out of all the candidates put forward by Spanish universities. They went through a selection process at the University and a personal interview at the Ministry’s offices in Madrid.

“I chose this destination because I would like to steer my career towards international relations in the future and this work experience will allow me to understand the journalistic work that comes from an organisation such as the UN,” says Aránzazu Sanchis. She chose New York as a destination because it is a “city with multiple possibilities”. After her Erasmus exchange that she spent in Poland, she is now in London perfecting her English, although she also knows some French and Italian. It is this that she thinks helped her in the selection process to work at the UN’s Permanent Mission in New York.

“I think that this is a great opportunity, I hope to learn a lot from the people that work there, to gain as much as I can out of both the work experience and the personal experience of living in a city like New York. I hope that this internship can help me on the road to International journalism.”


Development Cooperation

Francisco Núñez Tamarit will travel to Santo Domingo in October to begin his internship at the Spanish Embassy in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. “I have always been interested in international relations from the perspective of cooperation over development. I have already spent six months in Chile on an exchange programme funded by Banco Santander and now I have chosen to go to a country with a high level of poverty”, in a competition such as the one run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation in which it is more usual to have a background in law rather than journalism.

Francisco is particularly interested in getting first-hand knowledge of the development cooperation programmes that Spain runs in the country. He also goes with the objective of focusing his journalistic career on Latin America. “Latin American countries have very similar identities and cultures to us, but the people are more open, and because of this I would like to stay and work in a country in the region.”

Previous competitions

Journalism students Aránzazu Sanchis and Francisco Núñez from CEU-UCH joined four other Law, Political Sciences and ADE students who took part in internships at the Consulates in Paris, Düsseldorf, Valletta and Buenos Aires this summer. In 2012 four students from CEU-UCH took part in these internships organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC) at Spain´s Permanent Observer Mission at the Organization of American States in Washington, at the Consulate in Santiago in Chile and the embassies in London and Seoul. The International Relations Office at CEU-UCH offers and runs these internships for students interested in an international destination.


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