Thinking like Silicon Valley


When you think about it, with the current IT possibilities within reach, 9,306 km of distance feels like nothing.

This is how we felt when we attended the live sessions led by three mentors from the Spanish Tech Center, experts in the creation of startups. As close as if they were here with us at CEU Valencia.

Christian Prada, Managing Director at Spain Tech Center; Scottie Spurzem, English Language Coach, chief coach and Diego Sabaris, Technology Executive, Oracle Corporation, joined us live from Silicon Valley to explain some of the key factors every entrepreneur should keep in mind.

Christian Prada spoke about the enterprising environment in Silicon ValleySan Francisco Bay Area is one of the places with the best climates in the world, which is an important factor to offer a better quality of life. Also, the discovery of gold in the area caused its population to grow rapidly. Two very important universities are also located there. The two most important universities in the area date from 1868 with the founding of the University of California, and 1885 when Senator and Governor Leland Stanford and his wife Jane Lathrop Stanford founded a university on the land of the farm familiar to honor their deceased son. And with both of these institutions, came spaces for the creation of technology-based companies.

Among our guests’ recommendations to establish financing mechanisms for projects in the scalability phase, we could highlight:

  • To have a well developed business plan
  • To have clients and part of the team in the US
  • And to make technology and marketing come together

Scottie Spurzem gave us a master class on the importance of speech. How to prepare your speech? To which audience is your speech addressed? What are the key elements to get an investor’s attention?

His entire lecture was based on practical, real cases portraying different situations that occur on a daily basis and are really relevant when preparing a business presentation. The fact of not pronouncing correctly a word or a concept can lead to very unfortunate misunderstandings, all with a touch of humor.

Diego Sabaris, presented the methodology 24 steps to launch a successful startup according to Bill Aulet. It highlights the three reasons why a person decides to become an entrepreneur: having an idea, having the proper technology or having a passion. For this last one it is necessary to find a founding team because, as he states, “entrepreneurship is not an individual sport”. From there you need to focus on the needs of your customers and to start consolidating the company following this path:

This Aulet chart is aimed at both first-time and experienced entrepreneurs willing to launch new and innovative products, an essential MIT philosophy.

Linking with this methodology we had the opportunity to introduce the next CEU EMPRENDE Course to which you can already register by clicking here.

This course is based on the Bill Aulet methodology and will be carried out with both theoretical and practical workshops, and the possibility of generating your own business model through a computer application. If you have an idea, a technology, or a passion, do not miss it!

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