Theatre and Performance, a free workshop for CEU-UCH students


Kety Betés, coordinator of CEU Teatro, has organized a workshop of introduction to acting technics for students. Are you interested in theatre and performance? On November 12 we’ll be on stage!


CEU Teatro


Do you like theatre?

Do you want to know what acting technics are?

Do you want to know how it is to be on stage?

Do you want to know how body expression or nonverbal communication work?


Next Wednesday, November 12, you will have the opportunity to know all of these in the workshop organized by Kety Betés, coordinator of CEU Teatro, and with Alfredo Frandín Cruz as professor. This free activity will take place at Studio no2 at Centro de Producción Audiovisual Bartolomé Serra from 13:30h to 15:00h.

If you are interested in participating in this activity, you can register by sending an e-mail to!

This workshop will focus mainly on group integration. Starting off collective dynamics and universal contents, students will have an approach to acting technics, which will help them find out their expressive and communicative possibilities.


The team of CEU Teatro 2014/15


CEU Teatro, the theatre group at CEU Cardenal Herrera University, was created five years ago and has just started its activity for the current academic year. Their latest exhibit was the staging of the theatrical work ‘Utopia off the Record’ in Sala Carolina (Valencia), as finale to the past academic year. As is usual at the start of the opening activity, there was a meeting in September between the members of the theatre group, who served as hosts to the students who had just joined the project. Once the new students are part of the theatre group, the members contribute to disseminating its distinctive values: artistic ethics, human development and charitable action.

So if you are an international student and would like to eventually join CEU Teatro, which is open to all our community, why not participate in this workshop?


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