The president of the CEU IDEAS institute takes part in the international congress of Culture, Politics and Climate Change


The Cardenal Herrera University (CEU – UCH) is the only university in Spain with a representative present at this congress, which was organised by the North American University of Colorado Boulder


Maite Mercado, professor of Journalism of The Cardenal Herrera University and President of CEU´s institute of Economic, Environmental and Social Disciplines (IDEAS) will be taking part in the International Congress of Culture, Politics and Climate Change, through the IDEAS-Santander research framework. The Cardenal Herrera University is the only Spanish University present at this event held by the North American University of Colorado Boulder.

Researchers from more than twenty North American Universities will also participate in this event and around the same number of universities from the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Portugal, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. This interdisciplinary meeting will explore the way that the topics of culture, politics and science intersect in order to improve our understanding of public policies in the face of climate change.


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