The happiness of all students of Health Sciences at CEU Valencia!


How was your Easter break? Mine was super good, and even better when I came back to Moncada because all students of Health Sciences are moving to a brand new faculty. I know I am going to miss the old and charming Seminari building but it is time to have classes in our own place. We are now situated very close to the library, the main building (Luis Campos Górriz) and right next to the dentistry building. Let me be your tour guide!

The third floor

Last February, our Clinical Veterinary Hospital opened its doors for both university and public operations. This one and our building initiated its construction in May 2015 and are both now ready to “begin a new stage in the development of our campus of Alfara and with it, in parallel, a further step in the evolution of our University, which we desire and intend to be more innovative and entrepreneurial, increasingly more inclusive and international ” as Rector Rosa Visiedo has recently stated.

The structure is a four-floor building linked to the Dentistry building; therefore, Nursing, Pharmacy, Medicine and Physiotherapy students will now join together as a whole and will not separated. Getting inside the huge building you will first find a very spacious area, and next to it is the Aula Magna (a so-called conference room) which serves for big events. The three first floors are devoted to lectures classes, while research laboratories are along the corridor of the first floor. On the last floor we can find the teachers’ offices and other administrative areas.


Now it is my favourite part, where I will tell you how I see the new building compared to the old one. I live in Moncada, so the Seminari building is closer; but wait: we have elevators, in fact, four of them with relaxing music inside!

Secondly, all rooms are equipped with computers, projectors and touch screen boards; we have big and small-sized computers, which depend on the number of students in class, and two big classes even have a connecting door. It is a very well illuminated building; with the Valencian sunny weather and the fact that the lights are automatic, we may save a lot of electricity. Lastly, while mingling around, my friends and I were excited about these new features: the lockers are placed in the aisles (for me is like US high school model, that I often see in movies), the group work rooms, the student spaces are much bigger than in other buildings.


We are all very happy about this change. I feel lucky that in the next 4 years I will be studying in this new environment and I hope that our faculty will have great successes in the future.


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