The Department of Law, Business and Political Sciences holds an International Week


European teachers share the best business strategies with which to approach a global market, with students from the CEU-UCH.

Teachers from a variety of different universities have taken part in the iWeek organized by the Department of Law, Business and Political Sciences of the CEU-UCH, under the slogan ‘Political, economical and legal aspects of globalization’. From 28th Januray – 1st February, students from these Degree programmes have attended classes taught in English by the European teachers taking part in the iWeek, about the different ways in which globalization has changed the way business is conducted by companies in an international exchange context of work, knowledge and capital.

Global Markets

The cultural differences between different European countries, the importance of developing a good C.V. with a dynamic character and the successful entrepreneurial experiences registered by other universities, were the main topics of the meetings, The points of view of teachers from different countries allowed opinions to be exchanged to achieve a better understanding of business approaches to the international market, it´s legislation, the peculiarities of the clients and its cultural, political and logistical context, aspects which allow businesses to design a ‘friendly’ approach strategy to the European Market.

The international week of the Department of Law, Business and Political Sciences was organised by Professor Salvatore Moccia, the International Relations Coordinator of the CEU-UCH. The teachers taking part were; Mrs. Zdenka Boltavzer and Mrs. Andreja Križman, of the Vocational College of Traffic and Transport SI – Maribor; Mr. Jean-Francois Vuylsteke, of the EPHEC of Brussels; Mrs. Joanna Dyduch and Mrs. Malgorzata Michalewska, from Uniwersytet Wroclawski in Poland; and Mrs. Güneş Çetin Gerger and Mr. Bülent Akkaya, of the School of Applied Sciences at the  Celal Bayar University of Manisa, in Turkey.


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