The Department of Health Sciences at the CEU-UCH, has been listed in the International Medical Education Directory, the IMED


The directory has been compiled by the International Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research, FAIMER, whose head office is based in Philadelphia

The American Foundation, FAIMER has included the Department of Health Sciences at the University CEU Cardenal Herrera, in its international directory of Medical Schools, the department is based in the Castellon campus of the University. FAIMER is a prestigious international foundation that since the year 2000 has dedicated itself to promoting health through education, as well as excellence in the teaching and research of medical studies on an international level.

Among the activities that FAIMER carries out, is the development of databases and directories such as the International Medical Education Directory (IMED), to which it has added the CEU Cardenal Herrera University. This allows information about educational systems around the world  for training professionals in the field of healthcare to be available online and be regularly updated, thus promoting  further understanding  between the educational institutions within the directory.

It is free to access the IMED database online and it has updates from some of the most prestigious colleges and medical schools in the world. This is because an official body such as; the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education or a government agency has to approve the centre and certify the quality of the studies first, before they are added onto the database.

For more information click on: FAIMER Directory for Medicine Faculties or link to the CEU-UCH file in this directory.


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