The CEU Cardenal Herrera University is offering new work placement opportunities in Boston for the students of Communication Sciences


The NGO, United Planet, where former CEU – UCH student, Marta Costas works, is looking for coordinators to support both its International and Marketing Departments; the humanitarian organization is located in more than 150 countries

The international Relations Office of the CEU – UCH, has processed the applications of two students to carry out work placements at the organization United Planet, an international, educational and humanitarian organization. The organization is located in over 150 countries, but the students would be working at their main office in Boston. It is thanks to Marta Costas that this opportunity has been made available to students; having graduated from the Cardenal Herrera University with a Degree in Public Relations and Advertising, she now works at United Planet´s Human Resources department and would like students to have the opportunity to benefit from a professional experience like the one she was able to have.

United Planet is looking for two students from the Communicational Sciences Department to spend 6 months in Boston, from January until June. The students will have the opportunity to work in one of two areas; as an International Programmes Coordinator or as a marketing coordinator. For the role of International Programmes Coordinator, it is necessary to have good communication skills as the student will have to interact with the local coordinators of each programme and also for updating the web content of United Nation´s projects around the world.

For the role of Marketing Coordinator, the work would involve developing international communication strategies for the recruitment of volunteers for United Nations around the world. It would also involve searching for new innovative strategies to broadcast the company´s educational and humanitarian projects around the world through; the media, social networks, blogs, etc… In both cases a high level of English is required.


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