The Cardenal Herrera University welcomes the Dentistry students, the bilingual version of Dentistry Degree


The Cardenal Herrera University has held a welcome day for the students of Dentistry, the bilingual route of the regular Dentistry Degree. The Magna Lecture theatre brought together all the students taking this Degree in Valencia, in an event that was overseen by the Vice Chancellor of the University, Rosa Visiedo.

The bilingual Dentistry degree was set up in 2009 and it is available to students from Taiwan, the U.K., Holland, Italy and Spain. The students of Dentistry are combined with the students of the regular Spanish Dentistry route, so that the clinical practices can take place in mixed groups.

Other academic authorities also participated in the Welcome Day, including; the Vice President of the Student Body and of the University´s Extension Office, Mª José González Solaz; The Vice President of Research and of International Relations, Iñaki Bilbao; The Vice President of Academic Planning, Francisco Bosch and The Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Alicia López Castellano, amongst others.



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