The art of packaging, by our students of Graphic Design


Last Friday students in the Master of Graphic Design and Communication and our degree in Industrial Design had the opportunity to demonstrate how innovative they are: to make the packaging for Bodegas Vegamar, a highly recognized company with high prestige in the field of wines in Spain.

The event was divided into 10 sessions (each student represented one), 10 seconds and 10 images, in such a short time the students could demonstrate why they were there. Each of the presentations was loaded with innovation and high creativity. Although the purpose of the event was to explain the creative design behind each packaging, there was a story of why the design was made that way, to give an example it can be mentioned:

  • Stain-based design: In stains produced when drinking wine.
  • Design based on mother earth: on the sensations of the earth
  • Design based on musical tones: In the various musical tones (strong, weak)
  • Hand-based design: in the meaning of each finger and that creates a sensation
  • Design based on the sensation of drinking wine: In the sensations that are generated when drinking wine

Making a packaging based on creativity is a differential element which CEU students have demonstrated to possess. It should be noted that the students have worked in real time, with the same information, the same methodology and the same deadlines as an original project!

In the event, the atmosphere was good, the companionship, the commitment to the project, the enthusiasm and the desire to show that they are prepared for the professional world. Among the various attendees: family members, friends, teachers from different areas and Pedro González, the teacher in charge of the design course, could highlight the work done by the students.

Silvia Soria, in charge of the department of communication of Bodegas Vegamar was very impressed and grateful for the participation of the students.

It is an achievement to know that CEU students are recognized by a company like Bodegas Vegamar. All the packaging presented that night were winners, everyone knew how to highlight and impress. At the end of the evening, the presentations opened the way to discuss the exhibitions and generated a great atmosphere accompanied by the wine from Bodegas Vegamar.

“These presentations have surpassed my expectations”, says Silvia Soria from Bodegas Vegamar

The Master of Graphic Design and Communication and our degree in Industrial Design have a differentiating element that is to train innovative, creative and human professionals in the sector.

Learn more about this activity in our Newsroom (in Spanish)!


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