Students from Sports Physical Therapy participate in a seminar given by two professors from the Polish University of Rzeszów


This optional class is taught entirely in English in the fourth year of the Physiotherapy Degree.  


The professors from Rzeszow University in Poland´s Physiotherapy Institute from the Faculty of Medicine are guest lecturers for a week on the Sports Physical Therapy course teaching the fourth year of CEU-UCH´s Degree in Physiotherapy.  This is the degree´s first class that is given entirely in English by a group of professors from the Physiotherapy Department. It is offered as an optional class for those students that are interested in receiving physiotherapy teaching in the English language.

The Polish Professors from the Laboratory of Spine Kinesiology at the University of Rzeszów, Kuzdzal and Magon, director and deputy director respectively, have delivered a workshop on the spinal column and the most common physiotherapeutic procedures in the treatment of athletes. The objective of this class from the Metodología Fisioterápica module is to encourage the use of the English language in the specific context of sports physiotherapy.


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