Salvatore Sauro, a professor of Dentistry at CEU-UCH, publishes his work in the most important scientific journal in the dentistry field


Part of this research has been assessed as being the fourth best work out of the hundreds of candidates at the Paffenbarger Awards that are given by the Academy of Dental Materials in Vancouver

Salvatore Sauro_CEU-UCH

The Dentistry professor from CEU-UCH, Salvatore Sauro, published his most recent research in the Journal of Dental Research. He collaborated with other internationally renowned professors from universities in the United Kingdom (Prof. Timothy Watson), Brazil (Prof. Mario Sinhoreti, Fabricio Ogliari, Victor Feitosa), and Belgium (Prof. Bart Van Meerbeek).  This international team which was led by the CEU-UCH professor, Salvator Sauro, has discovered that the structural characteristics of the new adhesives, that they use to bond the filling material to the tooth, influences the durability of these fillings or composite dental restorations.


Part of this now published study was entered in the Paffenbarguer Awards, that are awarded by the Academy of Dental Materials (ADM), this year. This is one of the most prestigious international awards for research into new materials in the dentistry field.  Among the hundreds of studies from universities across the world, the study led by Professor Sauro was deemed to be the fourth best research work out of those entered for this prestigious international award. The delivery of the Paffenbarguer awards took place from the 9 to the 12 October in Vancouver, where the headquarters of ADM are located.



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