Professors from twelve international universities teach at CEU-UCH in Elche during their I International Week


The sessions, aimed at Business Management students, have been taught by professors of eight different nationalities


A dozen professors from universities in Lithuania, Belgium, Denmark, Morocco, England, Sweden, Poland, and Holland participated in the I International Week organised in Elche by CEU-UCH University. It lasted from the 21st to the 25th October.  Together with students and professors from CEU-UCH, they addressed questions related to international marketing research, branding strategies on cities´ internet, international immigration and its impact on the economy and labour markets or on communication in the field of business, among other things. 

The aim of International Weeks is to put students from CEU Cardenal Herrera University in contact with professors from a variety of international universities. They do this so they can experience different forms of understanding university teaching, receive specialised talks on subjects that they study in their degrees, to encourage linguistic immersion, and to open future horizons for study and employment beyond our borders.

According to Ana Isabel Mateos, professor of Business Management and international coordinator of CEU-UCH in Elche, “this event, that is specifically aimed at 3rd and 4th year Business Management students, forms part of the Continuous Assessment of CEU-UCH students.”

During their stay in Elche the international professors were able to get to know the different cultural spaces of the city such as the Archeology and History Museum of Elche, the Palacio de Altamira, and the Jardines Huerto del Cura.



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