Professional Photography course for participants in the Visions of the World exhibition


Taught by Professor of Audiovisual Communication, Manuel Millán, at CEU-UCH´s Audiovisual Production centre “Bartolomé Serra Marqués”

Photo Course Visions of the World CEU_UCH
Photo Course Visions of the World CEU_UCH

The Visions of the World exhibition was a success. CEU-UCH´s international students were able to share their “visions of the world” captured by their cameras due to this exhibition. In order to perfect their technique, CEU-UCH has offered all the participants in the exhibition a photography course at CEU-UCH´s Bartolomé Serra Marqués Audiovisual Production Centre. These facilities house two professional photography laboratories, one for colour and the other for black and white, each equipped with 18 enlargers, a dark room, dryer rolls, batteries, trays for liquids, paper dryers….

Victor, Tom, Cynthia, Andy, Agata… all participants in the “Visions of the World” exhibition, were invited to participate in this course taught by the Professor of Photography and Lighting at CEU-UCH, Manuel Millán. “We took photos using black and white film, both in the studio using flashes and outside using natural light. Later we developed them in the laboratory. We did the same thing for two days and had a great time taking photos and developing them”, said Professor Millán.

Here you have the virtual “Visions of the World” exhibition. Enjoy it!


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