Prof. Leonardi: “I would like to cooperate with University CEU Cardenal Herrera, it is a great university with a lot of potential”


Prof. Dr. Leonardo Leonardi of the Veterinary Medicine Department at the Università degli Studi di Perugia, was one of the first participants of the 3rd International Week Veterinary to give a lecture about “The life of a Veterinary pathologist at University of Perugia”. In the following interview he gave us insights into his research fields, he told us what inspired him most in his career and what makes a good veterinarian.


Veterinary expert Leonardo Leonardi
Prof. Dr. Leonardo Leonardi during his lecture

What is your main research field and what do you consider the most important recent advances on it?

I am actually working on several fields currently but my main research field is about bone tumors. Some of the most important advances are certainly that we started with very small researches, which have developed a lot and we also work with bimolecular now. Of course, one of the main future goals is to be able to discover the tumors earlier in future.

What do you – as a professor – think are the most important characteristics about a good education in Veterinary?

Well, for me as a professor it has always been important that my students are involved in my researches. I want to help the students to become young scientists for our future, because it is so important that our ideas are passed on to the younger generation. Research is very important for the students, but unfortunately they are always so busy and do not have a lot of time for doing research.

The CEU is a university which stands for internalization – do you think internationalization is also useful in the field of Veterinary?

Definitely! It is so important that we work together with people and colleagues from other parts of the world – only if we work together can we grow. We must extend our knowledge and share it. You will learn a lot more if you talk about your researches and experiences with people from India, the USA, Spain or wherever. I would also like to cooperate with the CEU – it is a great university with a lot of potential.

What inspired you most in your career?

My passion for my job and for my students has always inspired me and has always driven me. I have learned so much from my professors, from people I have met – it is a pleasure for me to pass this knowledge on to the younger generation.


Irma Villanueva y Leonardo Leonardi Veterinary Medicine
Prof. Dr. Leonardi with Dra. Irma Villanueva, from Royal Canin

What changes in veterinary medicine do you hope will occur in the next few years? Do you think the focus should lie on sub-certification?

Of course it is important that we continue our researches and that we work together on an international basis so that we can develop. Today, the studies are not only separated in small-animal or large-animal medicine, they are separated in many, many different medical fields. It is changing a lot.

What makes a good veterinarian?

First of all, the passion for the profession. I always tell my students: do what you like to do. You should follow your passion, your talents and your dreams. They can come true. Discover the world, share your experiences – that is what is really important in life.


Veterinary Medicine Leonardo Leonardi


Interview by Ann-Kathrin Weißenbach


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