Parliament members from the German state, Saxony-Anhalt, met with CEU-UCH experts in order to discuss renewable energy and emission rights research collaboration


The delegation from the German parliament of the federal state, Saxony-Anhalt, that visited Valencia this October, met with a diverse group of Valencian experts on 26th October 2012 in the Palacio de Colomina in order to discuss renewable energy cooperation possibilities between the German state and the Valencian Autonomous Community. At the meeting the Vice-Rector of Research and International Relations, Iñaki Bilbao, and the director of the Technical School of Engineering, Fernando Sánchez, also participated in order to present the projects developed by the Technical School regarding hydrogen as a source of renewable energy.

Research on Voluntary Emission Reduction Projects

Furthermore the possibility arose of the CEU Institute of Economic, Environmental and Social Disciplines (IDEAS, Instituto CEU de Disciplinas Económicas, Ambientales y Sociales) collaborating in this joint research program regarding the voluntary projects for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, an option already discussed in the community scheme for the trading of emission rights.

Together with the University CEU Cardenal Herrera representatives and the representatives of the German state, the Director of the Perspective program 2007-2013 of the Fundación Comunidad Valenciana Región Europea (FCVRE), José Luis Muñoz; José Vicente Oliver, expert in biomass and Director of Research and Development at AIDIMA; and Javier Urchueguía, Chair of the Polytechnic University and President of the European Panel of Geothermal Energy, also participated. Together they approached the idea of joint participation, with a European project also dedicated to the voluntary emission reduction projects, under the VII EU Research Framework Program.

Reception by the President of the Generalitat

As well as the meeting in the Palacio de Colomina, during their stay in Valencia, from 22nd to 26th October, the 18 members of the European Affairs Commission for the State Parliament of Saxony-Anhalt were received in the Generalitat Valenciana by the President of the Council, Alberto Fabra; by the Economics, Industry and Business councilor, Máximo Buch, with whom they held a meeting; and by the President of the Valencian Courts, Juan Cotino.


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