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More than 50 international candidates with their families came to visit their future university for the first time during our Open Day 2019. It is a special day not only for the ones who come to CEU Valencia for the first time but also for the whole staff who were more than happy to welcome so many young people that are excited to start studying here in September.

Open Day participants
International candidates from France, United Kingdom, Italy, Norway, Uruguay, Sweden, Iran…

The day started with a warm welcome and an introduction to the University CEU Cardenal Herrera. The candidates from many different countries such as France, England, Italy, Norway, and Sweden got an opportunity to learn about the way our university functions, find out necessary information about different undergraduate programmes and great possibilities to study abroad.

Since our University is one of the most international in Spain, we encourage students to get out of their comfort zones and have an incredible experience while studying and living in other countries. Moreover, we have a wide range of bilingual degrees and pathways what assures that each student will get an enriching and valuable academic and personal experience during their study years.

Ensuring a smooth arrival in Valencia

Another important session was based on International Student Services which accompany our students not only during their admission process but also always make sure to solve any problem and respond to any question that they might have during the whole study period.

Ivan Christmann is responsible for ISS at our University and explains why it is something that makes a huge difference when it comes to living and studying abroad for the first time: “I would define ISS in two words: support and help. Everything is new and exciting when you are abroad, but some of the procedures can be a bit complicated at first. Our job is to make sure that international students live their experience at CEU Valencia to the fullest: right upon their arrival and throughout their studies here. Parents can be sure that we will respond to any of the students’ concerns, from accommodation to administrative paperwork”.

Questions about our admission or the degrees on offer? Our teachers are more than happy to help you out!

Last but not least, our colleagues responsible for Campus Life explained all the possible opportunities that our students have to enjoy their time after the classes. There is a wide range of activities for everyone, also, we have a Languages service which will help you to improve your language skills. If you want to live some unforgettable moments during your study years, join any volunteering programme!

“Our job is to make sure that international students live their experience at CEU Valencia to the fullest”

Mamen Oliver was happy to share what would it feel like to be involved in Campus Life: “These activities is one of the most exciting things you can do while being a University student. This is a unique time for you to grow, not only academically but also from a personal point of view. Learning about Spanish culture and language, as well as taking part in our clubs and solidarity projects will make your CEU experience unforgettable”.

The importance of Spanish, our global language

Daniel Garijo gave very detailed information about the Languages Service since being surrounded by so many different cultures communication in foreign languages is one of the most important things:

“After what we’ve been discussing at the presentation, I think learning Spanish is key to making the most of this experience in Spain, for many reasons, both cultural and academic:

  • It will make the student’s adaptation process easier and faster.
  • It will open many doors and offer them unique opportunities: friendships, events, experiencing local life, etc.
  • It’s a global language (spoken by nearly 500 million people).

In this sense, the Languages Service provides a wide range of courses and activities that adapt to students schedules, so they don’t clash with other classes.

Our friends from the Languages Services, ready to welcome you with a smile!

In addition, the University offers the possibility of certifying their level thanks to official exams, such as the DELE or the SIELE, by Instituto Cervantes, recognized globally.

Finally, I think people will find Spanish is a fun language to learn, and not so difficult, and also the gateway to one of the world’s great cultures.”

Time for a tour of our campus and facilities

After a nice coffee break, everybody was excited to join the guided tour during which the new candidates and their families could see all the faculties, facilities, and equipment of Campus Valencia.

A photo of our future Medicine student.
Arjana is looking forward to starting her degree in Medicine at CEU Valencia.

Arjana came to our Open Day from Sweden as an applicant for Medicine: “I always wanted to be a doctor. I find the human body so fascinating! Imagine that we only use 10% of our brain, what if we used let’s say 50%? It is so interesting and so complex at the same time. I also want to help people and I believe that being a doctor is the perfect way to do that”.

The international environment and state-of-the-art facilities, the most highly valued aspects by our candidates

“I’m looking for good mentors so I can get the help I need because Medicine is a difficult degree and as a student, you deserve all the support you can get. And of course, a good school with good values”, added Arjana.

A photo of our future Veterinary student.
Carolina cannot wait to start studying Veterinary in September.

On her side, Carolina came from Italy and can’t wait to start her studies in Veterinary next September: “Not only am I excited for all the facilities that veterinary students have at this University but also I want to learn and practice more languages. I think this environment is a perfect place for that!”

Luis’s father accompanied his son from France to Valencia and was more than happy to share why their family chose CEU Valencia: “I think the most important reason why this University is our first option is that it is an international environment in which you will be educated in a more universal way. I think the biggest advantage is that you can be relevant everywhere.”

A safe and supportive environment with great teachers and an innovative academic approach. An institution which still believes in the human factor and its impact in our future society.

This is what we are and what we stand for. Care to join us?


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