One hundred and sixty international students from twenty-two countries arrive at CEU-UCH thanks to various international exchange programmes and agreements


The Erasmus and Science Without Frontiers programmes and the bilateral agreements that the University has signed have enabled their attendance.

A total of 160 international students, from 17 European and 5 Latin American countries, will take courses at CEU-UCH. They will do so through the Erasmus Programme and other international exchange programmes like Science Without Frontiers for Brazilian students as well as through bilateral agreements established by CEU-UCH with Latin American universities. The majority of these students will spend the first semester of the course in our lecture theatres and 50 of them will extend their stay for the entire academic year.

Germany, Austria, Belgium, France and Holland are the European countries from which the majority of the Erasmus students that arrive this year at CEU-UCH come from. In the case of the Latin Americans, the University receives more than just the Brazilian students that participate in Science Without Frontiers Programme, but they will also receive students from Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Mexico.

The courses that are chosen my these students during their time at CEU-UCH are Medicine, Architecture, Political Sciences, Audio-visual Communication, Law, Industrial design, Primary Education, Business, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Information Technology, Journalism, Publicity and Veterinary Science. The International Relations Office has arranged a welcome day for them all in the Aula Magna of the University and an introduction to the facilities and services that they will use during their course.


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