Movie Sessions at our Technical School


An interesting way of getting ideas for your projects or relaxing from university stress is watching movies. The Technical School of Design, Architecture, and Engineering (ESET) is organizing a Ciclo de Cine featuring 4 German movies you can’t miss, specially if you are an Architecture or Industrial Design student.

The Movie Sessions started on October 13th, but there are still 3 other movies you must watch. This activity is organized by the Technical School of our university and is free for any CEU student. The first movie was Metropolis, a silent science fiction German movie, the first of the four movies completing this first Movie Sessions at ESET.

Metropolis is a referent of the German expressionist movement. This futuristic movie shows a divided city in which the differences between social classes are clearly seen. On the lower part of the city the industrial area is located. In this underground city people is forced to work in order to satisfy rich people’s lifestyle, and they are not allowed to go out of it. On the other hand, high class people lives in a whole different area surrounded by modern skyscrapers and urban landscapes. Both, rich and poor, lived separately until one rich man falls in love with a poor woman and joins her to set differences down and start a new society where both social classes can live together as one. Although the movie story, Metropolis also shows the idea that people had of the future back in 1927 when it was released. The movie is a supposition of how the year 2026 will be from the point of view of the German expressionism that had influences in architecture, sculpture, cinema, and painting.

After Metropolis, the next movie to be displayed is The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, which is considered the masterpiece of the German expressionism. This movie that will be played on December 15th features Dr. Caligari who is a hypnotist that uses a sleepwalker to commit murders. This silent horror movie contents a bizarre and twisted visual style, which includes distortions of scale, proportion, perspective, dimension, and form. Caligari, as people refers to the movie, influenced a lot in the expressionist movement and it also changed the way of making movies in Germany and the way people used to see german movies around the world.

The Movie Sessions will continue next year at ESET. Two more movies will be played: Berlin: Symphony of a Metropolis on February the 2nd and M, (Dusseldorf Vampire in Spain) on March the 23rd.




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