Manoucheka Esteve: “Student grants like the one I received from CEU Cardenal Herrera University can help to provide a future for Haiti, a country which has a shortage of qualified profesionals”


We speak to an Haitian student who carried out her Master´s Degree in specialized nursing Care at CEU Cardenal Herrera University

The CEU Cardenal Herrera University of Valencia took part in a grants programme which was set up by the conference of vice chancellors of Spanish universities or the CRUE, in aid of Haitian Students, after the earthquake that took place in March 2010, completely destroyed a country which was already the poorest in Latin America.  Manoucheka Esteve is one of the two students Haitian students who were admitted in to CEU Cardenal Herrera University, so that they could complete their university studies; she carried out a Master’s Degree in specialized Nursing Care at the university and is now working as the coordinator of a health care centre in Haiti. She talks to us about her experiences at CEU Cardenal Herrera University and what she thinks the future holds for both herself and for Haiti.

What memories do you have of the Cardenal Herrera University? What was the best thing about your time there and what was the worst?

The best thing about my time in Valencia was that there was always someone available to help you, especially Camino and Barbara from the International Relations Office. They were always more than happy to listen to me and to help me; they were like family to me. Although I was far away from home, I had a normal life like any other international student. The worst thing was that in Haiti there was some confusion about my studies and because I was in Spain I couldn´t resolve them the way I would have liked to.

Do you think the training that you carried out at the Cardernal Herrera University was useful despite this? Did it help you to find work in Haiti more easily?

The professional training I received at the Cardenal Herrera University was a great experience for me. It was an excellent opportunity and although I didn´t finish my Master´s Degree, I´ve still gained another qualification and have more experience in my field.  It is difficult for me to say what exactly is going to help me find work because my current job doesn´t actually require any of my specialized nursing skills, but I am looking for a new job with the Diploma I received from the Cardenal Herrera University and I am certain I will be able to find a new job very soon.

What does your job at the Health Centre entail?

I am the nurse who supervises the health centre, this means that; I supervise the assistants, advice patients before their consultations, help to care for patients and to give them their medication, I assist the female patients who are in labour in giving birth, I help to suture wounds, etc… I also have to write a monthly report for the Health Centre.

Do you think that grants like the one you received can help to make a difference to Haiti´s future?

I do, because in Haiti there is a shortage of professionals with Further Degree Qualifications. The problem is that there are not enough universities in Haiti and because of this there are certain specialized areas that people are unable to study at this level. What people say about the importance of education for development is true and if more opportunities like this were opened to Haitians so that they could complete their studies, it would a step in the right direction for Haiti. So I want to take the opportunity once again, to thank the staff and the teachers of the Cardenal Herrera University once again for their support, God bless you all!



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