Manon, student of Veterinary: “I chose this university because here we have a lot of practicals!”



Hello Manon, tell us a little bit about you!

My name is Manon I come from Toulouse in the South of France, I applied to University CEU Cardenal Herrera in January and I was accepted in April, it was the best day of my life because being a vet has been my dream since I was six years old!

Why did you choose our University?

I chose this University because we have here a lot of practicals, a lot of possibilities to go to the farm for example, to do experiments with animals, doing what you will have to do in the future in your job, these are some of the most important reasons to be here!

Do you find a lot of differences between our university and other universities in France?

Yes! It’s very different from universities in my country! The first thing is the organization of time, I think it’s much better here because you can organize your work and you can do after some activities inside of the University but outside of your work or study time you can practice sports, musical or artistic activities in Campus Life and this is great. Another difference is the mix of people, you can meet people from lots of different countries and I really like that, hang out with people from different places and learn a little bit of all of them.

IMG_7301What do you think about your classes and practicals?

I think is very nicely organized with classes in the morning and practicals in the afternoon, for example the practicals in the farm, we can go with a shuttle that the university sends so it is really easy to get there, and also we can go the hospitality building by foot because it’s really close from where we take the classes. I think the best thing of our degree is to get to the farm because we have great equipment, really nice tools to take care of the animals, for example to take sample of a cow. We can forget that we are in class, enjoy what we do because you feel like a professional, I think it is the best way to learn!

We talked enough about our University and are glad about your thoughts, how is your life in Moncada?

Moncada is a small town and it’s great, because most part of the students live here, so we can hang out together, we can go to Valencia by metro, it’s really easy to get to the city centre in no more than fifteen minutes. I like going to Valencia because all the students can go to the beach and enjoy the sun, also we can go to the Turia riverbed and do running and lot of exercises because they have much equipment for free and you can meet new friends because there are many locals doing spots. I prefer to live in Moncada because i can get to the University in two minutes from my house walking.

We talked before about Valencia and Moncada, the things you can do in you free time so can you tell us what do you like to do when you finish practicas or at weekends?

I like to do sports, I do running in Moncada because you have a lot of fields to run between orange trees and I think it’s very beautiful, but also like I said before I like to go to Valencia to see the new buildings like the City of Arts and Sciences and the old ones in El barrio del Carmen, I love the museums of this part of the city, I like all different types of art and Valencia has all you want to see.

This interview was done by Jorge Navarro Rodríguez, student of 4th year of Advertising & PR


  1. Bonjour Manon,
    Je te remercie pour toutes les informations données dans cet interview. Je suis venue le 12 mai à la journée portes ouvertes pour la 2ème fois. J’espère pouvoir intégrer l’université en 2018 en Médecine vétérinaire cursus Français. Ton témoignage conforte ma volonté d’être parmi vous. À très vite Valencia.
    Carla MEZZANA


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