It could have been London, but Kenza chose CEU Valencia

The main picture for this post was taken in one of the laboratories of the new building of Health Sciences at University CEU Cardenal Herrera. In the photo we see Kenza Benchekroun Belabbes, a first-year student of Medicine, while observing a sample through the microscope. She takes her time, there is no hurry. Any detail can lead to a major discovery.

Native from Morocco, Kenza has studied in Egypt, Dubai and London. She speaks four languages ​​and her professional interests range from pediatrics to surgery: “I still do not know what my specialty will be, I’ll wait a few more years to decide“.

Choosing a university is also a decision that requires a lot of thinking. How did it happen in your case?

I learned about this university by searching the Internet for rankings of Spanish universities. At that time I was studying in England, what is known as a Foundation Year to guide my career towards medical studies. I did not know Spain, I had never come. I checked the rankings and saw that this university was one of the highest in the ranking.


Being to England and mastering the English language, you must have had many options to access universities there…

In fact, I had more than one option to study there, but I rejected them. I decided to come because the reputation of this university seemed very good to me; for the kind and friendly approach they had in the interviews, and because the educational system here is different. The closeness to the teachers has nothing to do with other places where they do not even know what your name is. And of course, the weather, compared to London or any part of England, you can imagine! I am very happy to have moved from the UK to Spain.


What do you think about studying in such an international environment?

I believe that when we become medical professionals we will have to take care of patients with different mentalities and from other cultures, from different countries. The day to day in a university with this global environment prepares you to face that challenge, because it is what you live in your class, in the corridors… We learn a lot from each person and if he or she is from another culture, that learning process just multiplies.

Kenza and some of her classmates, during our last Welcome Day for international students

You started your studies here six months ago, what is the balance you make of this period with us?

I’m not going to lie to you: we study a lot. It is true that we also have a great time, there is good weather during the day and at night, but it is a very demanding degree. I also like how similar the Valencian character is to my own culture. You are open, friendly, warm people who care about helping others and are not afraid of people from other places. That welcoming culture is very similar to that of my country.

Thank you very much, Kenza!

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