Learning Spanish – 10 tips that you need to know



1. Don’t expect to be perfect: When learning a new language, it is natural to make mistakes, and don’t be embarrassed by them. Your mistakes will teach you!

Remember! Mistakes are proof that you are trying 🙂

2. Talk to yourself: When there is nobody else around, you will not feel the inhibition that so frequently burdens the language student.

3. Take advantage of your commute or free time: use any time in the car, on public transportation, or simply at home as Spanish learning time. Download podcasts, audio books, songs or Spanish language lessons.

4. Change your applications and appliances to Spanish language settings: You can learn a great deal of technical and everyday Spanish from this simple trick.

5. Make flashcards: This is very useful to develop your vocabulary. Download free Spanish vocabulary flashcards on websites like this one!

6. Watch Spanish movies. If you are watching English movies, turn on Spanish subtitles.

Tip! Spain’s National Broadcaster (RTVE) offers a great deal of programs and Spanish TV series on their website!

7. Read Spanish books: You can start with children’s or graded books, and work up to higher levels. You can also read your favorite books in Spanish.

8. Practice online: There are loads of web pages with free interactive exercises that will help you improve your grammar and vocabulary.

9. Attend Spanish classes offered by the Languages Service: There is a great offer of courses, according to your level and availability.

10. Join our Language Exchange programme: Practice and improve your speaking skills by meeting students of other nationalities.

So now you know…it is never late to start learning a new language and with a little effort you will get to speak very good Spanish! 😉

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