Learning through collaboration with Dutch students


For the third consecutive year, students and professors of Business Management at Avans University (Holland) visit University CEU Cardenal Herrera in order to work together with students studying for a degree in Marketing.

The 48 students from Avans are conducting market research in preparation for the implementation of a Dutch product in the Spanish market. For a week they will test the feasibility of their marketing plan by conducting surveys at street level. And that’s where the support of the CEU Market Research students comes in.

It is an innovative training initiative, beneficial for the students of both universities; for those from Avans, because they have the support of Spanish students for field work, and for CEU Valencia students, because it goes beyond reinforcing their marketing knowledge through practice, in order to develop transferable skills, such as the ability to work in teams, and communication and leadership skills, not to mention the enrichment that comes from working together with students of other nationalities.

This collaborative project was set-up through the network Dukenet (to which both universities belong), which created the business simulation competition Marskstrat – a flagship competition, which was held in Bucharest this year and in which CEU Valencia students participated once again.

After the session of work, all students will attend a talk on international marketing taught by Avans University professors.

Original source here.
Translated by: Emily Mizon


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