Katarzyna Bodula, who is doing an internship at our International Relations Office, is determined to get out her most of her stay in Valencia




Have you ever been in Poland? If you do not , for sure you should visit my country. I did not come to Valencia just for spending summer, I would like to achieve something more, and that is why I came here to do an internship. This my first time in Spain, I have been just one week in Majorca a few years ago but that is not importantJ From the beginning Valencia was surprising me. When I remembered my first stroll at the city I was impressed with atmosphere, breathtaking surroundings and Spanish language. I do not want to miss my time in Valencia therefore I take advantage of every day here. I live life to the full and always after my work I try to visit new places. Valencia show me a piece of Spain, new flavours, smells and habits. My love at first sight is churros con chocolate! The best begging of everyday. And for sure if you are here you can not miss eating tapas.

Do you know that Spain is the most popular destination from Poland? Polish people with a pleasure come here but to be honest living in a Spain is completely different. You can compare many branches of life but in this article I get down to standard of life. For the first sight if you do shopping prices are almost the same, but prices of clothes make me completely surprise. Especially typical Spanish brands like Zara or Mango. Polish salary are lower than in Spain but regarding the standard of life are mostly the same. What is more and also interesting for me that way of spending evening is different. It goes without saying that people who live in Valencia going out more often than these who live in polish city, beyond doubts the reason is good weather almost all the time here. Moreover eating time in Spain it is later. In Poland I could not imagine to eat dinner around 22-23. In my country also a siesta time it is unusual. While I started living here so fast I used to a new habits. La vida es bella y tengo que disfruta cada momento!



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