IV International Open Day: an exciting day, minute by minute


Our International Campus hosted the 4th International Open Day of this year. This is the description of the day, full of welcomes, expectations and hopes.

09:30 AM. The day starts with the registration of international candidates coordinated by staff members of the International Relations Service. First questions… handover of all information about the day, a few doubts…Ready to start!

10 AM It’s time to get to know all details about the services provided by our University. Our candidates follow all explanations given by the professionals who will guarantee a perfect academic year start to our students.

10:15 AM Some of the main doubts start to be solved thanks to personalized assistance provided by our International Students Service to each and every student. We also cast light on administrative issues related to the admission process.

11 AM Now, foreign students who are already studying at our University take the floor. The first steps to take to study here are explained by Veterinary students Laura Dall’ Agniez and Hédèf Marrec and Architecture student, Francisco Jarrín.

These stories on personal experiences about accommodation, language, access to University services and students activities are the best guidance for future candidates. Thank you very much for your collaboration, guys!

11:15 AM Time to recharge batteries. During the coffee break, our international coordinators answer the questions from our future students, their families and companions before taking the picture of the almost 70 participants in the event.

11.45 AM We still have one hour to go through the facilities of the new building of Health Sciences. Frida Merkesdal is one of the students taking part in the tour. She comes from Norway and is a candidate to study Nursing in our Campus starting in September. Before the visit she tells us that she will make the most of the Open Day staying in Valencia for the weekend and visiting the city.

2 PM It is the end of this exciting day, characterized by a friendly and warm atmosphere that allows us to rediscover the values of personalized assistance and proximity to the international students, typical of our University. And even if it sounds weird, even if we are saying goodbye to candidates we keep welcoming them.



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