Now that my internship at CEU Valencia comes to an end…


Four months ago I left a grey and rainy Scotland in search of the sun and sea that Valencia has to offer and I would have to say that it did not disappoint. My name is Imogen and I am a French and Spanish student from Glasgow and for the last few months I have been a translation intern here at CEU Valencia. Moving to Valencia for my Erasmus+ internship, although it was compulsory, has been one of the best things I have done in my life and I would jump at the chance of coming back.

Erasmus Internship CEU Valencia
Having a break in the cafeteria at CEU Valencia

Valencia is a great city to come to for an Erasmus+ experience and CEU is a great place to work. When I arrived there was already a group of interns here from Greece, France and Peru and the seven of us all got on so well. It was a great international experience and has helped my Spanish and French improve so much because we constantly spoke a mixture of Spanish, French and English when we were together. It was so sad once everyone started to leave at the end of May but we now all have another excuse to go on holiday so that we can visit each other!

“My experience working at CEU has been amazing, everybody here is so kind and welcoming, they really make you feel at ease as soon as you arrive.”

One of the reasons that Valencia is so great is that there is so much going on, there are so many bars and restaurants all over the city that, even after four months, we practically don’t go back to the same place twice. There are so many different areas of the city that all have their own characteristics that I have never once felt bored or that I need something to do. One of our favourite places to go was the beach; we went practically every weekend to relax, swim, play volleyball and soak up the gorgeous Spanish sun.

Being from Scotland I am definitely at my happiest being out of the city and exploring the countryside so one of my favourite things about Valencia is that just an hours drive from the city there are so many places to go hiking. It makes for a nice break from the busy city life. I would recommend a trip to Montanejos for sure; you can go for a hike with amazing views and afterwards you can swim in the river at the bottom of the valley, which is the perfect way to cool off on a hot day.

View of Altea
During my internship I got to visit the beautiful town of Altea!

I think some of my favourite places that my friends and I visited would have to be Altea and Guadalest. We hired a car and went for a mini weekend road trip down the coast. Altea is stunning, anyone who comes to Valencia has to go and visit. All the houses and shops are painted bright white and there are lots of little narrow streets with bars and cafes, and the sea was so blue that it was basically the same colour as the sky. The road we took from Guadalest back to Valencia is definitely not for the faint hearted, it was very very twisty with a fair few of hair pin bends on what felt like the edge of a cliff (sorry mum!) but we survived. And if two Brits with minimum experience driving on the right hand side of the road can do it so can anyone. The views when we got there were worth the sketchy drive, it felt so magical and a wee bit like being at back home with all the mountains.

“It has been a great international experience that has helped my Spanish and French improve so much!”

My experience working at CEU has been amazing, everybody here is so kind and welcoming, they really make you feel at ease as soon as you arrive. Doing translation has really improved my Spanish especially with the range of texts I’ve been given to translate, from the blog articles to more formal letters I’ve really had the chance to put my skills to the test. Thanks to this my Spanish has really improved, when I first arrived I was amazed at how fast Spanish people speak, I quite often had no idea where one word ended and the next one started but after a fair amount of practise, translation and perseverance I am so happy with how far my Spanish has come on.

I can’t quite believe how quickly the past 4 months has gone and that I am about to go home. I will miss everything about my time here in Valencia, the sun, the food, the people I have met and the friends that I have made and of course CEU and my internship here.

Gracias Valencia por todos los recuerdos, ¡te echaré de menos!


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