International students at CEU-UCH exhibit their “Visions of the world” at a photography exhibition


The exhibition, open until the 12 November at the Palacio de Colomina, includes the experience of the dentistry students involved in a voluntary dental health project in Nepal


The “Visions of the world” exhibition opens at the Palacio de Colomina today. It brings together 25 of the best photographs submitted by international students at CEU-UCH of their cultures of origin and the different countries that they have visited. For this exhibition about different cultures around the world from the point of view of the university´s students, professors from the bilingual degree courses of Dentistry and Médecine Vétérinaire, as well as from the areas of communication and photography from CEU-UCH, have selected the best images taken by students of people and corners of the world.

The exhibition also includes a selection of photos of CEU Cardenal Herrera University´s 9 fourth and fifth year bilingual dentistry degree students´ experience of a charity dental project they participated in Nepal this summer. Organized by CEU-UCH and GEC, in collaboration with Kathmandú University and a local NGO, in this project the students helped children and adults from different communities by carrying out more than 2000 dental treatments as well as giving dental health workshops for children adults.

In this exhibition, taiwanese Dentistry students also want to pay tribute to Tsui Ping Chou Chang, who recently passed away, who coordinated their time at CEU-UCH.

In addition to the 25 best photographs that are displayed in print form, all the photos entered into the competition will be projected in the exhibition hall of the Palacio de Colomina until the 12th November. The photographers of the images selected for printing have been rewarded with a photography course in CEU-UCH´s Audiovisual Center “Bartolomé Serra Marqués”. The course will be taught by the University´s professors of Audiovisual Communication.


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