Inma Bermúdez: working for big firms


A member of the Third Year-Group of CEU UCH Graduates in Technical Engineering in Industrial Design, Inma Bermúdez comes back to the CEU Design School every year to share her professional expertise with our students as a lecturer on the Master’s Degree in Product Design.

Being able to work from your own design studio for clients like IKEA or Lladró is probably the dream of most product designers. This dream came true for Inma Bermúdez, a graduate in Technical Engineering in Industrial Design at Valencia’s CEU Cardenal Herrera University. She founded her own firm, Studio Inma Bermúdez, in 2007, and in 2009 Moritz Krefter joined the studio. Together, they develop products for companies in Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, India and Colombia. Their clients include international brands such as IKEA or Lladró. For several years now, she’s has been coming back to her alma mater to share her professional expertise with the current students on the Master’s Degree in Product Design at CEU UCH.

Inma Bermudez diseño ceu uch
Inma Bermúdez has taught in the Master’s Degree in Product Design at CEU UCH for several years

The time spent in the workshop making models and prototypes are her best memory of the CEU Design School. Her Erasmus year in Germany was a turning point in her career, as it opened up an opportunity for her at IKEA, where she worked as an intern in the Design Department. She has worked with the Swedish company ever since, but from her own studio as a freelance designer, providing solutions which are tailored to the needs of different clients, whether large or small: the nature of the project is what matters, she says. For Inma Bermúdez, the perception of what it means to be an industrial designer must change and move away from just the creation of products to problem-solving across many areas.

She tells us all about in this video.


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