My impression after 6 months in Valencia


It has passed over a year since I decided to study in Valencia; I remember that the most exciting thing for me was being able to study in another continent, with a different culture from where I come from (Ecuador) and study architecture in a city where you can appreciate it’s art from every corner.

First of all, I think the biggest impression I have until now, is that is a city where you can go walking everywhere or with a bike you can be in the other side of the city within minutes. It’s a city designed for bike users and people who likes walking. In my case, I really like walking in the Turia Park, it’s a nice environment to appreciate.

Another think that Valencia got me impressed by was their sunsets. There is nothing more delightful and satisfactory than sitting near the city of arts and see the mixture of blue, purple and orange colors contrasting to the white colored City Of Arts And Science made by Santiago Calatrava. Also a good place to admire the sunsets is in Torres de los Serranos in el Carmen.

Valencia is a small city whit all the advantages of a big city, you have the metro that can take you from the beach, to the center or even the university within minutes, and don’t worry it is not too crowded like the ones in Barcelona or Madrid. Also you have all the important brands of clothing that you find in a big city. One of the things that impressed me the most was the price of living in Valencia is EXTREMELY cheap, going to a nice restaurant, to a concert or even a party can cost you the half of what you would pay in a big city like Barcelona.

Finally I can tell you that if you are coming to study in Valencia or visiting it, you would notice one important fact about his people. THEY HAVE A REASON TO CELEBRATE EVERYDAY. Monday, Tuesday or Sunday, they don’t care what day is it, loosing a football match or after a failure in life, they always end up going to a bar, which are always full of people and joy. I can say that is the best city I could have choose to study.


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