I will genuinely be quite sad to leave Cardenal Herrera at the end of this month


Sally Koop has been in our International Office for 7 months. She has already left the office to start a new experience in Siberia (brrrrrrr). We said goodbye to Sally with a little party and some tears…. SALLY WE MISS YOU SO MUCH. Before leaving she wrote this for our bloggers.

Sally her last day in the office with the complete team of the International Office

My experience as inter in the International Office of University CEU Cardenal Herrera

I usually spend my days running around like a headless chicken, processing Erasmus/Leonardo da Vinci grant payments, sorting through documentation (the joys of bureaucracy), welcoming new international students and translating a wide variety of documents from Spanish to English.

It is this translation work that I enjoy most in my job as it is often very challenging and a bit like detective work. My usual translation documents are full of technical and legal terminology, something I had never really came across during translation classes at my English university, and I have therefore picked up lots of new very specific vocabulary.

We said googbye to Sally with a little party…..and she was the princess!

One such example is the word ‘hippoterapia’, or ‘hippotherapy’ in English, which I recently came across when translating the University’s Veterinary Sciences prospectus. Reading this word my mind immediately envisaged a depressed hippo lying on a therapist’s couch, but unfortunately the term actually refers to a rare form of therapy involving the handling of horses by the disabled. I’m not sure how useful this vocabulary will be in the future but you never know what job I’ll end up in with a Spanish and Russian degree!

Although the placement is unpaid, I do get some form of payment through a free very tasty lunch every day, it has been the perfect placement in terms of improving my Spanish. I speak in Spanish all the time with my colleagues, who are all lovely and luckily do not exploit the little English intern, and have to deal on a daily basis with phone calls and students’ queries in the language. I have made some lovely contacts here and, although the work can sometimes be tedious, I will genuinely be quite sad to leave Cardenal Herrera at the end of this month for my adventures in Siberia. Let’s hope I’m not secretly being shipped off to a gulag and that my experience in Russia will be just as positive as my time in Spain has been!

Sally received some presents in her last day, just to be sure she will not forget her time with us


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