Hospitality days at the CEU Cardenal Herrera University to welcome their 200 or more international students


Spanish courses, communication workshops and a variety of leisure and sports activities make up the programme of activities organised between the 28th August and the 8th September

CEU Cardenal Herrera University´s 200 plus international students mainly enroll on the bilingual degree courses in Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine. But, many of them also take qualifications that are, in part, in Spanish like Physiotherapy. The countries of origin for most of these students are France, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and Italy.

CEU-UCH´s hospitality days have been organised by the Vicerector of International Relations and the Vicerector of Students. The international students have also been able to look around the University´s facilities and have their first contact with the professors that will be their personal tutors.

Interpersonal communication

The University´s Servicio de Orientación Universitaria y Atención a la Discapacidad (SOUAD) have organised a variety of workshops that create a trusting atmosphere and provide the opportunity to meet and make friends in the first few days at the University. In these workshops they have paid special attention to the different interpersonal communication styles of the different countries of origin.

For their part, the Sports Department have organised the sports activities for this welcome week.  Amongst the leisure activities there is also a trip to la Albufera and an evening of shopping accompanied by a personal shopper in Valencia.



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