Helping you renew your TIE: new information sessions in May


For those international students in need of support with day-to-day administrative tasks, University CEU Cardenal Herrera has recently launched its International Student Services. Located in the Hospitality Office (ground floor, Luis Campos Górriz building), the team in charge of these services will get in touch with you throughout the academic year to inform you about documentation to be managed and important deadlines.

This is the case of the TIE (tarjeta de identidad de extranjeros), an important identification document that needs to be renewed. If your TIE expires before July 31, 2017 and you would like us to help you with the renewal, our International Student Services can help you out in May so you can forget about the procedure this summer!

> How can we help you?

1. Inscribe yourself to attend the informative talks by filling in the form

2. Come to the talks with the necessary documents, including:

  • Passport
  • TIE
  • Certificate of medical insurance
  • Bank statement that justifies you have sufficient financial means

3. During the talks, you will be given the necessary forms to fill in and the payment forms.

4. The university will inform you when you have the appointment at the Foreigner’s office.

Our information talks will take place at the Hospitality Office the following days:

  • Monday 8 May at 15h00 in English, 15h45 in Spanish and 16h30 in French
  • Tuesday 9 May at 10h00 in Spanish, 11h00 in French and 12h00 in English

 If you don’t process the renovation of your TIE in the deadlines announced by our International Student Services, you will have to do it by yourself!


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