Getting the feel of it: over 60 international candidates attend our Open Day


The weather decided not to smile at us this time but still, our last Open Day for international candidates turned out to be a great – indoor – experience. An event that gathered together more than 60 international candidates from across the Globe and gave them the chance to discover what CEU Valencia really has to offer: a life-changing student experience.

Our family photo, a must in every Open Day our University organizes!

Although we have a broad experience in hosting these events every year, it is true that having visitors from such different cultural backgrounds makes every Open Day slightly different. On this occasion, not only did we decide to host the event in our new hub for health-related degrees but we also met the first-ever candidate from Kazakhstan, making this Open Day a unique one for us. On the one hand, because we of course love showing our best features to prospective students and on the other hand, because we will soon be adding a new nationality to our already multicultural campus.

Still, the spirit of an Open Day always remains the same, as it is the perfect occasion for candidates to get a sense of what it might be to study at CEU Valencia and to help them make their final decision. And to this end, our International Relations Office offered a programme packed with useful information, giving our candidates the chance to:

  • Talk to academics and discuss about what studying a particular course is like
  • Take a guided walking tour of our facilities
  • Meet current students
  • Solve out doubts about the admission process or the services offered to international students
  • Ask questions about studying abroad and practical experience

With a majority of candidates coming from France, United Kingdom, Sweden or the United States, during our Open Day we also got the chance to meet applicants from other countries around the world. Just like Tomiris, who moved to Valencia a year ago from Kazakhstan and is now interested in pursuing a double degree in Audiovisual Communication and Advertising & PR. Her highlights of the day?: “Today I have learned a lot about the Hospitality and Campus Life services. I have discovered that this university is the first private university in Valencia and I hope to meet many people here“.

Tomiris, candidate from Kazakhstan, was taken on a tour of our TV and Radio Studios by Professor José Martínez

But of course the degree you want to study is equally, if not even more, relevant than the place you want to study it in. And even though we love talking about Valencia and we are convinced that a little Mediterranean breeze can do no harm to anyone, when it comes to deciding what to study for the next three or four years, it all comes down to vocation. As Tuva-Li told us, she always knew that she wanted to study Veterinary because she loves animals and has quite a few in her hometown back in Northern Sweden. It is this determination that will make you a great vet, Tuva-Li!

Tuva-Li discovered CEU Valencia on the internet and has found fundamental support in our partner Study For A Better Future

Because, when you have to make the BIG decision, there are several things you need to keep in mind. Séan, for instance, comes from Co. Meath in Ireland and read about us in a newspaper article where various faculties of Veterinary Medicine were shortlisted. Reading that ours is one of the very few accredited by the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE) was the main reason why he decided to come and visit our University. Also, “because I love Spain and I can even speak a little Spanish so, if I am going to invest a lot of time studying, I might as well choose a place that I really like“.

From Kells to Valencia, Séan had a strong interest in visiting our facilities

Whatever your motivations are or the course you want to study, we really enjoyed having you all around and we will hopefully see you again very soon.

As for those who couldn’t attend our Open Day but are still interested in knowing more about CEU Valencia, there are other opportunities to learn about us. Check out our videos, follow us on Social Media or just sign up for our next event…one day or another, our doors are always open for you!


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