Get-together with our international “little helpers”


Because we think that it is just fair to have fun from time to time, last week we took a group of our international students to Bioparc Valencia for a small get-together. The reason? They have been working at our International Relations Office these last months and their collaboration has been of great help. Our way to say “thank you”? Take them to one of our favorite places in the city, enjoy a wonderful spring morning together and get to meet them outside the office.

Manal, Samuel, Tomás, Maite, Linh, Silvia Jesús, João, Hajar, Fatine, Oriana and Mª Jesús, thank you for your amazing work!

Helping us achieve our goals

This group of students could not have been more motivated with the tasks assigned to them: mainly, they have been helping our International Relations Office get in touch with candidates from their own countries, sharing their experiences at CEU and answering all kinds of questions: from accommodation to bike rental, cost of living or even food!

I’ve been five years out of my country, that is an important part of my life. In my opinion, traveling is always an enriching experience: it broadens your horizon, it opens your mind, it strengthens your social abilities…I think living abroad is of great value for your personal and professional development. Being able to adapt yourself to other ways of living, to learn about other ways of understanding life…

Hajar, student of Architecture at CEU Valencia

We thought here at the office that this project, new to our strategy, would be of great help to international applicants and would help us achieve one of our main goals as university: to provide the best support to our current and future students. Because we know that studying abroad is a BIG step, why not provide some extra help through our current students? Wouldn’t you like to get in touch with someone that has already gone through a similar experience?

“I think that the most important thing for future students is to know how good the education is here: the academic and cultural experiences and also the university’s staff members”

Samuel, Peruvian student of Advertising and PR at CEU Valencia

Representing the world

Coming from all over the world, this group of students is just a small representation of the international community that is getting bigger every year (1700 international students and counting!) and is now clearly visible across our campus: João came from Brazil to study Law and Political Science, just like our Argentinian friend Tomás. We have two very talented Moroccan students currently enrolled in Architecture: Manal and Hajar. You will find Fatine, another future architect from Morocco, collaborating with our Languages Service et The HUB 101. We even have whole families studying with us, like Venezuelan sisters Oriana and Maite.

Just think about any country in the world: it will be represented here at CEU Valencia for sure. Let’s say Chile: here we have María Jesús, who is working hard to become a journalist. Equatorial Guinea, Vietnam…you name it!

Visiting Bioparc Valencia for the first time

It was the first visit to Bioparc Valencia for many of them and they were all amazed at the scale and nature of the park: a new concept of zoo where barriers are not visible so animals can feel almost like in their natural habitat, and also an immersive experience for the visitor. No wonder Bioparc Valencia has become a must-see attraction for tourists and locals in the city!

During our visit, we interacted with different animals such as monkeys and joyful lemurs and admired all sorts of tropical birds in a huge cage-like area while we talked about their experience in Valencia and enjoyed the pleasant weather. Learn more about our outing here as our student Linh shares her vision on the park!

After two hours wandering around the huge site and exploring its different areas (you shouldn’t miss the Madagascar area, our favourite one!) we ended our visit with the aim of coming back with more time and energy to enjoy all the activities proposed and also to pay a visit to our new friends the lemurs.

Thank you once again to our team of international interns for sharing a wonderful morning with us and to Bioparc Valencia for offering us the perfect environment for this friendly get-together!


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