From us to the world: our New Year’s resolutions for 2017


Hard to believe but 2017 is already here and it has arrived strong! It seems like just yesterday that the new academic year kicked off but our students are already preparing first-term exams, which means that we are already halfway through the year and in no time we will be warming up the engines for the Fallas Festival!

Time definitely flies when you’re having a good time and, as January comes along, we think it is the perfect moment to sit back, give it a thought and set a couple of goals for the new year. 2017 will definitely be a year of changes for all of us here at University CEU Cardenal Herrera with our new Faculty of Health Sciences opening soon, the launching of our official Snapchat account and many other big and small events yet to come; an agenda full of exciting activities with one common goal: provide the best service to our students.

But we have also set some more personal New Year’s resolutions for ourselves of course:

1 – To look for the positive in every situation and enjoy each day as it comes

2 – To think more outside the box (or at least try to!)

3 – To experience the best that our city has to offer – Yes, we know that Valencia has a lot to offer: great food, an exciting culture and an amazing nightlife…but seriously, we need to go out more and actually show you how great it is to live here!

And these are just our New Year’s resolutions but, what do other people from around the university expect from 2017? Here’s what some of our colleagues and students from across the campus have to say:

This coming year I want to become more assertive; learning to say no is necessary from time to time– Ana, student of Advertising & PR and Journalism.

“My 2017 resolution: try to enjoy the little things in life…and try to do some more sport!– Sonia Cervera, Corporate Communications.

After graduating this year, I want to start working in an international firm so I can practice my language skills and learn more about my profession” – Anna Paola, student of Journalism.

This year I want to travel, go somewhere interesting! And also try to read a bit more, which is one of my favorite hobbies and something that i haven’t been able to do lately because of my two little girls” – Beatriz Perelló, Vice Rectorate for Research.

What about you? Have you already set your goals for the new year? Maybe improve your Spanish skills, get involved in some charity activity, make a trip to a new an exciting destination or go on a studying adventure abroad…surely the list can be endless!


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