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Many people all over the world move away from their home country to start a new life somewhere else. Some of them ended up studying or working at University CEU Cardenal Herrera.

Prof. Arlinda Luzi Luzi
Prof. Arlinda Luzi Luzi

This is an exact example of what happened to Arlinda Luzi Luzi, who came from Albania to Valencia because of doing her Master Degree and never left back to her home country again. She has now been working for 8 years at our University as a lecturer and recently she was for some time the Coordinator of the Dentistry Degree.

Good morning Arlinda, let’s start from the beginning of your story. What did you study? Did it contribute somehow to the fact that you came here, to Valencia?

I graduated as a dentist in Albania and worked there for a year as a Lecturer in surgery. One day, I came to Valencia for a Conference and I met a man there, who later became my husband. That is what made me decide to obtain my Master Degree in Endodontics at the University of Valencia, where I continued to work as lecturing later. Eight years ago, my daughter was born and thus, Valencia became my new home.

So, love is the reason that made you stay here. What made you decide to become a teacher instead of working as an endodontist?

My mother was a professor and I grew up wishing to do the same. So this was definitely what I had in mind when I graduated. The contact with patients and students is something I really enjoy as a very important part of my job. I love the combination of research and teaching. I get to, simultaneously, learn and pass on my knowledge. It is nearly impossible to do research without being a professor. I honestly feel like this is my dream job: what I always wanted to do.

Arlinda working in the dental clinic.
Arlinda working in the dental clinic.

Sounds like you figured out what you wanted to be early on and stuck to it?

Well, I always thought I wanted to teach. Now that I do so, I do really like it. But I did not know I would be teaching in a Dentistry Degree. When I graduated, I had several options: medicine, dentistry or pharmacology. My parents advised me to study Dentistry. They were of the opinion that studying medicine would take me 6 years and then another 4 years to become a specialist. Dentistry had a lot of employment opportunities and as a job it made more sense. I am glad I listened to them. It was the best decision I could have ever made back then.

As someone who really loves her job, you must have some accomplishments that make you to be proud. Could you tell us about them?

What I am proudest of is not directly job-related; are other things I have done in my life. I am very proud of myself for moving here at a relative young age and for the success that followed. My studies from Albania were not initially accepted in Spain so it was not easy to enroll in the Master Degree of Endodontics at the University of Valencia. It was not easy to find a job in Spain at that time because of an ongoing economic crisis, but I managed to find one. I learned a new language and adapted very well to the local culture. Languages are very important in order to blend in well and communicate with people. It is always easier if you can do it in the language your partner feels more at ease. I am proud to say I did all of this, with the support of my friends and family of course, but on my own.

You can read more about Prof. Arlinda Luzi Luzi in blog of Dentistry (in Spanish).



Written by Gabriela Onofrejová, the Temporary Assistant for International Relations at the Faculty of Hefoto-gabrielaalth Sciences.

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