Find out what you’ll capable of doing in 3rd year of Design

Designed by student Rebeca Giner

What you are going to see is a selection of design projects of a contemporary storage unit carried out for the 3rd year module of our degree in Industrial Design, led by Professor Manuel Bañó.

The project, developed in a trimester by 3rd-year students of the Technical School of Design, Architecture and Engineering at University CEU Cardenal Herrera, consisted in the study, design and composition of a prototype of a storage unit with contemporary links. The project started with the utilisation of lacquered or natural wood as the basic material, and then it finished with the production and assembling on behalf of the student, from a prototype of their design.

Project by student Rocio Tormo

Project by student Cristina Quesada
Project by student Cristina Quesada


Project by student Carlos Granell
Project by student Carlos Granell

Project by student Marta Herrero
Project by student Marta Herrero

Without a doubt, our students obtain a high level thanks to their effort and that of their professors, as well as having a model workshop that allows them to work with different materials and tools. The really make design.

What do you think? Would you like to be a designer?

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