Erasmus next february 2013….are you ready?


First of all, you have to know that the person who can help you work in the International Office, but mainly Pia, our colleague. She speak english, spanish and german perfectly (perhaps a little French, who knows….). When you arrive come directly to the office and we will help you in your first steps in the University.

Did you know that we have a facebook group for international students? join it and discover how many international students you will find in the university!

We are going to give the answer to the most frequently asked questions:

When will I receive information from the university CEU?
We will contact you to confirm your Erasmus stay at our university and will send you a link to the study plans of every degree offered at the university, e-mail addresses of the academic coordinators and a complete info­-pack with information about accommodation in Valencia, public transport, general information etc. You should have received a mail from our university.

When do the courses start?
First semester: 12.09.1012-25.01.2013
Second semester: 28.01.2013-10.06.2013

How will I find my way in Valencia and on the Campus?
On the 24.01.2013 a Welcome Day will take place for the Incoming Erasmus students. There you will be given all the information you need.

Where will I study?
The university CEU Cardenal Herrera has different faculties in Valencia, Castellón and Elche. Depending on your degree, you have to choose one of these places in your online application. Most of the students come to our Campus in Valencia.

Who is the “Amigo Erasmus”?
The Amigo Erasmus, commonly known as a student buddy, is a student from the university CEU­ who will help you at your arrival and during the first days.
You can apply for an “amigo Erasmus” by ticking the corresponding option in the online application form.
Unfortunately we can not guarantee that there will be an “Amigo Erasmus” for every student applying for it, but we will try our best to find one for everybody.

Does the university CEU arrange a accommodation for me?
We help you to find a shared flat or in a room in a student´s residence by sending you the corresponding information by e-mail. We also invite you to sign up on our Facebook page. There you may be to get in touch with all the other students and this is usually the best way to find accommodation. Read our post about accommodation, it is very helpful!

Does the university CEU offer Spanish language courses?
We offer a Spanish course in the first and second semester. The price for a three months course is approximately 185 euros and lasts around 60 hours. Your university may validate this course according to its standards and give you the corresponding ECTS. There has to be a minimum of 20 students per group. If you want to participate in the Spanish course, please tick for that option on the Application Form.

Do I need to have a certain Spanish level before arriving?
Yes, you will have to prove that your level of the Spanish language is at least a B1 level by sending a certificate of an official Language Academy or by your University. Many Erasmus / Exchange students have had serious problems passing the exams at the university CEU due to their low Spanish level.
In case you pretend to do work placements in Nursery, Physiotherapy or Veterinary, you will need to certify a B2 level in Spanish. As you will be in direct contact with patients you need to be fluent in speaking and understanding from the first day on.

Where can I find the International Relations Office?
If you have any problems or queries you can come to the International Relations – Erasmus office in the CEU Cardenal Herrera campus in Moncada. The entrance is on the right side of the beautiful Monastery building opposite to the Metro station “Seminari” and we are the 3rd office to your left of the entrance on the ground floor. The opening times are: 9:00-13:00, 16:00-19:00, Monday to Thursday. Friday we close at 13:00.




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