From Moldova to Spain: choosing CEU Valencia for an Erasmus+


Both students of International Business at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (Romania), Anastasia and Nicoleta chose CEU Valencia for their Erasmus+ internship. They were looking for an intercultural environment to test their skills, and decided that a university with over 2500 international students was the perfect place to be. So here they are in our International Relations Office, where they have been working these last months!

Students from moldova during their Erasmus+ internship at CEU Valencia
Anastasia and Nicoleta chose CEU Valencia for their Erasmus+ internship

Hello girls! It is not that usual for us to welcome students from Moldova, although we are extremely happy to have you here! Tell us more about yourselves, what do you study in Moldova? Why did you want to come to Spain?

A: As a student of International Business I wanted to do something related to my future profession. So far it has been a great experience seeing how an International Relations Office works. We both wanted to work in an international environment and well, it was a match! It has been an enriching adventure, both from a personal and a professional point of view.

What have you learnt during these last months working in our International Relations Office? Is there any specific skill that you have acquired?

N: I have learnt to be more open to people. I have met a lot of different people from all around the world: students, faculty members, administrative staff… I have learnt so many things about the educational system and how High Ed institutions work! And not only here in Spain, but in all the different countries where students come from. This internship has helped me to learn how to deal with people, and to accept cultural differences. And, of course, my Spanish skills have improved a lot.

A: I personally have learnt a lot about the technical work behind Erasmus+. And yes, you learn a lot just from seeing people from so many different cultures coming to the office. How they behave, how they react… it has been really interesting because in Romania I have studied a module on intercultural behaviour.

Erasmus student from Moldova
From Chisinau to Valencia, an adventure for Nicoleta thanks to the Erasmus+ scheme!

At the ISS – International Services, you are always helping students with documentation and other academic procedures. Students from Scandinavia, Latin America, Asia… is there anything that has caught your attention?

N: Oh yes, definitely! For example, it is quite common for French students to come and ask you if you speak their language – that “Parlez-vous français?” has become a classic in the office. It is not a cliché but something rather normal if you think about it. People feel a bit lost at first and they need help, so they ask a lot of questions.

A: It is funny but yes, they seem to feel safe if there are other French around. Even if they speak Spanish perfectly!

Why did you choose Spain for your Erasmus+ internship? Is our country well known in Moldova?

N: I definitely wanted to come to Spain because I love everything about this country – its people, its culture, its language. As for Valencia, it was one of the best options because of the location. The beach, the weather – it feels like you live in an eternal summer!

A: I did it mainly for the internship that was offered. As for Valencia itself, I never could have imagined there was a place like this on Earth! Where we come from we are used to soviet architecture, so arriving here and seeing all these classic and modern buildings was just very cool!

Tell us more about Chisinau, and Moldova in general. It is still a very unknown country in this part of the continent!

A: Arriving in Valencia really felt like hopping off a time machine, from the past to the future. And now that we are leaving, it will be like travelling back in time. But it is a very interesting place, so come to Romania! Come to Moldova! Come visit our country like we have visited yours!

N: If I had to talk about the hometown where I was born I would probably say the same thing. I think it is hard to make a comparison between Spain and Moldova because there is a world of difference between both. It would be impossible as our historical backgrounds have nothing to do with each other.

Panoramic view of Chisinau in Moldova
Photo Credit | Daily Telegraph

Coming originally from Chisinau, although you both study in Romania, is there anything that has surprised you (in a positive way!) from Valencia?

N: I would definitely choose the City of Arts and Sciences, it is so beautiful. As for CEU Valencia itself, I think the buildings are nice: everything is so new inside! I was also very pleasantly surprised by the number of different services offered by the University. What they offer and how they treat their students is something really remarkable. The first impression I got of the people here is that they were all extremely nice and open. They are always saying things like “Tranquilo” and “No te preocupes“.

“The only thing I wish for is to get a job that I enjoy doing with people that I like working with.”

Would you recommend that other European students come to our University to work with us and gain some professional experience?

A. I would recommend it to people who want to learn more about the Erasmus+scheme. Everything that happens behind the curtains of this program is amazing. What you learn from an intern’s point of view is completely different from what you see and feel as a student. You get to know more about different countries, about the different financial systems, about the different options that exist to internationalize your curriculum…

You seem to have had one of the best moments of your life here. What would you say has been your best memory here?

N:The best memory for me here is the people, our colleagues from the office. Chantal with her emotions, Melissa, Guna, Ivan, Myriam…

A: I was thinking about the Erasmus+ internship, the work. But I really think the best memories are linked to what has actually happened in our working place. One of the things that I really liked here is that you get to work with other interns and they usually have fun, interesting stories to share. It’s so enriching!

Erasmus student from Moldova
Anastasia has been working in our International Relations Office with an Erasmus+ internship

And now that your internship comes to an end, what are your future plans once you get back?

A: I want to finish my bachelor, go on with a master and then try to find a job. And who knows, maybe come back here? I am not looking for anything big, I don’t want to found the new Microsoft. The only thing I wish for is to get a job that I enjoy doing with people that I like working with.

N: It is exactly the same for me. After I graduate from my degree I will apply for a master and then dive into the professional world. I will always choose Spain for my career if I find any opportunities here. In 10 years time I see myself in a management position, maybe I am exaggerating, but as we say in our country: You need to get to the moon to get to the stars…

We accept your invitation and we will include Moldova in our list of countries to visit. We have also enjoyed a lot having you both here, and we wish you the best of luck in the future. And of course, if you ever come back to Valencia, you just have to knock on our door!


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