Design your campus: a history of real architecture


Once upon a time there were two parties, one with a need and another with a talent to develop an idea. Once upon a time there was a pencil, a paper and a ruler. Once upon a time there was Architecture in the University UCH-CEU.

This story of architects began three months ago. It began as a new vision of the active protagonism of our students in the university´s life. Seventeen International students of Architecture got an assignment to improve the campus facilities and the service that we provide to our international students. A workshop consisting of four sessions to materialize a proposal in real time, with a real client and professionals whose work would go beyond a drawing. As in any case of success, this story began with the encounter between a client and a professional.

A view of the workshop sessions.
Priority list.







In September, the client -our University- presented the issue: in front of a group of students from three courses of Architecture explained where it was and what it wanted to reach: once again, the University needed to make a qualitative leap. It was time to create a new space designed for our international students and, most importantly, designed by international students.

Like the professionals, the international students of Architecture heard the explanations, exchanged views with the client, asked and took note on the needs and preferences. The objective: to create a service space that combines spatial functionality, technological automation and better communication of contents.

It’s time to form the groups. Just a ruler, a pencil, a paper and a bunch of ideas. The work had only just begun..!

For four weeks the different teams shared the progress and the difficulties with which they had been found along the way. The projects were taking shape; the solutions were different but all the groups placed the user of these services at the center of the entire initiative.

Mariia, Marouane and the Rector of the UCh-CEU, Rosa Visiedo.
The winning proposal.








First proposals agreed upon an ambitious and modern space, where our international students can feel comfortable performing their tasks, answeringquestions, accessing exclusive information and submitting forms online. Once the teams finished the assignment, it was time for another task, equally or even more demanding, presenting the project in front of a jury, who would choose the best project.

Marouane Alaoui, Mariia Kanarchuk and Holly Yarjau, are the winners. Their project adjusted to the organization´s standards aiming for the space improvements, support in new technologies and innovation to communicate relevant information for international students.

Holly, Mariia and Marouane at the first session of the workshop.

Our rector, Rosa Visiedo, awarded the prize in the same space that Marouane, Maria and Holly helped to transform. And although much remains to be done, something has already changed. And this change is just the beginning of another story.

Great job, guys!


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