CEU-UCH student Luis Matamala, one of the four Spanish students selected for an intensive entrepreneurial programme at Babson College Boston


Babson College is the first of the top ranked American Business Schools for Business and Entrepreneurship, according to Princeton Review


Babson College is ranked first among American Business Schools for Business and Entrepreneurship, according to several rankings elaborated in the United States. Every year it organizes a summer intensive course for 30 students, who get trained and stimulated in entrepreneurial culture. Among the four Spanish students selected this year by Babson College, Advertising and PR student at CEU Cardenal Herrera University, Luis Matamala, who is developing a business project in the field of magic and illusion.

Babson College, located in Wellesley (near Boston, Massachusetts), offers since 2008 this summer intensive course addressed to more than 1100 universities that make up the Santander Universities Network. In two weeks, from July 27th to August 8th, students will be trained through the Santander Universities-Babson Entrepreneurship Programme in different fields related to business, innovation and creativity. Students will receive practical training based on case studies, focus groups and interactive participation during the sessions. Among the skills students will acquire with this programme at Babson College: how to manage a growing business, how to apply marketing techniques and attract investment, how to elaborate a business plan or how to carry out a market research.

Illusion as business project

Only four Spanish students have been selected this year for one of the 30 places offered in the programme, including Luis Matamala. This student of Advertising and PR at CEU-UCH would like to apply new marketing techniques and attract new investors to his business project Luis Merly, his own personal brand devoted to organizing magic and illusion shows. Shows which combine theatre and magic to offer a unique experience to the audience, a project in which Luis Matamala has been working for the past ten years. His future goal would be to create an agency for magicians and illusionists.

Besides this project, Luis Matamala is also interested in applying all the techniques he will be learning this summer at Babson College to other business projects, such as the import-export of industrial equipment and tools, a field in which he also has some professional experience.

Luis Matamala, who speaks English, French and Portuguese fluently, has spent an academic year at the Université Catholique de Lille, thanks to a partnership between CEU-UCH and this French university, in the framework of the Erasmus Programme. He has also taken part in the EUTA Intensive Programme (IP) in Business Communication, at the InHolland University of Alkmaar (The Netherlands). Moreover, he has also taken part in other entrepreneurial projects with CEU Emprende and the Spanish School of Industrial Organization (EOI). He has also participated in several activities with CEU Teatro during 2010-2011 and is currently a member of the Observatorio Beyond The Line at CEU Cardenal Herrera University, a research group focused in investigating non-conventional communication techniques.



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